Rare XL 3.078kg Yellow Calcite Chi Lin Kei Loon Dragon Horse



Powerful Feng Shui Decor, Unique Gift, Ky Lin Collectible, Home Office Decor

Stunning XL 3.078kg Yellow Calcite Qi Lin Dragon Horse – Exquisite Symbol of Blessings


☘️ Material: 100% Natural High Quality Yellow Calcite
☘️ Condition: Brand New
☘️ Sizes Approximately: 241.3mm x 180mm x 76mm
☘️ Weight:  3.078Kg
☘️ Colors: Yellow & White

The Yellow Calcite Dragon Horse standing on a Gold Nugget Qilin Carving brings together the symbolism of luck, prosperity, and abundance, with the gentle and mystical Qilin. This unique fusion of energies creates a powerful talisman that can enhance the positive vibrations in your space, attracting good fortune and harmonious energy.

This mystical creature is known by various names across different cultures and regions. In Japan, it is called Kirin and is often depicted as a dragon-like creature with a deer’s body and scales. In Korea, it is known as Girin and shares similarities with the Chinese Qilin, representing protection and prosperity.

Are you a feng shui lover, crystal enthusiast, or collector seeking a unique and meaningful addition to your space? Look no further! Our Yellow Calcite Dragon Horse on a Gold Nugget Qilin Carving is here to bring you the ultimate fusion of beauty and positive energy.

Experience the metaphysical power of yellow calcite as it fills your home with loving harmony and prosperity. This remarkable carving is more than just an exquisite decorative piece; it carries the energy of luck and wealth abundance, attracting good fortune to every corner of your house.

Imagine the awe-inspiring presence of this extra-large masterpiece, serving as the centerpiece of your foyer, captivating visitors and filling the space with an aura of positive energy. It can also be showcased on a cabinet, adding a touch of elegance and significance to your display.

Whether it’s your desktop or any home decor, our Yellow Calcite Dragon Horse carving is a remarkable addition that emanates love, luck, and prosperity. It’s perfect for reiki healers, meditators, and anyone who seeks a harmonious environment. Let its radiant energy elevate your spiritual practices and daily life.

Looking for a unique gift? Our carving is an ideal choice for birthdays, housewarmings, promotions, or anyone in need of a little extra luck and abundance. Surprise your loved ones with a stunning symbol of prosperity and watch their faces light up with joy.

🌸 Perfect collection or gift for friends and families
🌸 All crystals will be cleansed and charged prior to shipping
🌸 From altars and grids to terrariums and pocket stones, this crystal enhances your space, enriches meditation, revitalizes Reiki sessions, and harmonizes chakra work.

Weight 3.17 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 20.32 × 15.24 cm


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