Natural Bumblebee Jasper Towers, Bumble Bee Jasper Pillars, Polished


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BumbleBee Jasper Towers

Beautiful BumbleBee Jasper Towers
Helps to boost confidence
Protects you from negative energy
Brings clarity
Increases motivation and willpower
Helps to clear blocked energy

Bumblebee jasper activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to amplify creativity, build confidence, and help you maintain momentum throughout your creative and spiritual journeys. It also brings an upbeat energy that encourages you to keep a positive outlook, no matter what obstacles you may face.
Meditate with this Bumblebee Jasper Obelisk to awaken your confident, empowered, creative self. Place it on your altar or put it around your house for a boost of energy when you need it most.

A~ 6″ 0.450Kg

B~ 3.8″ 0.094Kg

C~ 3″ 0.067Kg

D~ 3.2″ 0.057Kg

PLEASE CONSIDER -> This is a natural, untreated product of the Earth. Any impurities, cracks, or imperfections (unless otherwise noted) are typical and part of the crystal formation process. All photos are taken in natural and/or room lighting.

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