Howlite Towers with Stunning Patterns


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Howlite Tower with Stunning Patterns | Crystal Obelisk Wand | Calming, Spiritual Development

The beautiful crystal towers would be a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, engagements, graduation, yogi, meditation, etc.
You will get the exact same one as shown in the pictures.

Howlite is a magical stone that can help you to relax and unwind when feeling stressed or have anxiety. It is a stone of emotional healing, patience and spiritual development. Howlite aids in achieving dreams and ambitions and it is the best crystal to shake off bad habits and start new beginnings. It is a stone that encourages your best self. Aside from being a highly emotional stone, Howlite is also known to aid general physical health, balance calcium levels in the body and ease the mind to improve sleep.

Howlite is white with black lines. It is generally found in California, but deposits have also been found in Turkey, Germany, Mexico and Russia.

PLEASE CONSIDER -> This is a natural, untreated product of the Earth. Any impurities, cracks, or imperfections (unless otherwise noted) are typical and part of the crystal formation process, imperfections such as natural cracks, chips, blemishes etc., which make them unique. All photos and videos are taken in natural and/or room lighting.

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