Gemstone Crystal Band Ring


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These Gemstone rings are so gorgeous and made from Natural Crystals. The Sizes are listed on each photo with the material available for that size. We are so excited to update this listing on 3/16 with new rings and options!!

*These rings are fragile. Please be careful. I unfortunately can not refund or replace rings that break. We just like to advise to Please be careful with your ring. Because these beauties are Natural, they can be cracked or shattered very easily especially if you knock it against something hard.

It is also said that if and when your ring breaks, it was meant to be. When your ring has finished its job of healing you and is full of negative energy it may break.

Please also keep in mind since these are natural Gemstones, the sizes may vary by a 1/2 size. (So the listed sizes may vary by a 1/2 size either way)
The rings vary in thickness as you can see in the photos. Please refer to the photos for the thickness differences. Some are super thin and others are thick banded like a masculine ring. I feel the thicker rings run a little smaller than the thinner rings. Thickness sizes range from approx. 5-8mm thick.
Some rings may have small surface imperfections which are natural and normal.

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 1 cm


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