Eternal Elements Crystals/ Gemstones/ Beads Let us help you select the perfect crystal, from our natural crystal collection. Whether you are looking for healing stones,
a crystal for your metaphysical practice, gifts for your loved one, or to add to your gemstone collection, we've got a crystal for you.
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Eternal Elements Crystals/ Gemstones/ Beads Obsidian is an excellent tool for creating and strengthening the grounding cord that extends from the
Root Chakra through the Earthstar Chakra below the feet, and deep into the heart of the Earth.



Crystals/ Gemstones/ Beads Eternal Elements


Amethyst- Protection, Awareness, Decreases Anxiety, Encourages Peace, Dispels Anger & Fear, Balancing, helps memory & creativity, brings balance.
Hematite- Detoxifying, Grounding, Protection, Memory, Focus, Strength, Calming, Healing, Detoxifying
Clear Quartz- Universal healing, Clarity, absorbs negative energy, Boosts other crystals, Eases Anxiety
Citrine- Abundance, Joy, Strength, Love, Grounding, Success, Wonder, Wealth, Happiness, Love, Luck, Optimism
Fluorite- Focus, Concentration, Purification, Clear Communication & Creativity
Howalite- Patience, Calming, Knowledge, Eliminates Rage, Fear, Anger & Pain, Decreases Anxiety
Lava Rock- Strength, Stability, Calmness, Connection to Mother Earth, Promotes Positive Change, Dissipates Anger, Raises Energy levels of other Crystals.

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Crystals/ Gemstones/ Beads Eternal Elements

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